The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Editorial, 3/10/9

Remember Gilbert Hosemann, the soft-spoken man that sweet lady on TV wanted us to elect as Mississippi’s secretary of state?

After much coaching, she learned his name wasn’t Gilbert or Wilbert or Engbert or Philbert. It was Delbert.

And he did win.

But Delbert Hosemann might wish to revisit that peaceful park bench where the TV commercial was taped and spend some time pondering why exactly it was that he wanted to leave his tenured position in a Jackson law firm. His first 14 months on the job have been anything but calm.

In historic terms, a secretary of state has had, well, secretarial duties. The secretary of state and the staff make sure public land records are filed, corporate charters are proper, elections follow the script set forth in state law. Routine. Mundane. Not unimportant, but not headline-making.

Well, that was then.