Ward 3 election challenge vowed

“I just told (the media), somewhere down the line we might end up in a dark alley, and he’s going to have to man up,” Stokes said.

Whitwell insists his comments weren’t aimed at hurting Cooper-Stokes’ election prospects, but to put election officials on the lookout for problems. He also said he thought Stokes’ response was tantamount to threatening a public official, which is illegal.

“As a person with plenty of fortitude, I’m not going to be intimidated by those type of statements,” Whitwell said. “But I really find it disturbing that anyone would do that. The fact that he thinks he’s above the law bothers me as well.”

Stokes says he has not spoken with Whitwell and did not threaten him. But he also did not back down from his comments.

“If I was trying to intimidate him, I’d come knock the (expletive) out of him,” Stokes said. “I don’t have to make idle threats. A threat would be me putting my foot up his (expletive). That would be a threat.”

Clarion Ledger