Former Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin fired back at owner Al Davis on Friday night after a letter sent to the University of Tennessee by the Raiders became public.

Kiffin filed a grievance with the NFL Coaches Association after he was dismissed in September 2008 for what Davis described as acts of insubordination and lying. Kiffin, who is seeking approximately $2.6 million of salary he believes he is owed under terms of the remainder of his Raiders contract, is scheduled to give a deposition next week.

But before that could take place, the Raiders sent a three-page letter, dated Jan. 22, 2009, to Tennessee.

The letter, which was first obtained and made public by, details the Raiders’ grievances against Kiffin and accused him of “inducing” assistant coach James Cregg to breach his Raiders contract and leave for Tennessee. The Raiders also want access to Kiffin’s employment agreements with the university, which announced Kiffin’s hiring Dec. 1.