Kiffin stain could be temporarily permanent

KNOXVILLE — Lane Kiffin may have left the building, but stain he left is still being closely examined by sports writers across the country.

And all of these “Hints from Heloise” contenders have an opinion on why to do, or not to do, and most assuredly, what shouldn’t have been done in the first place.

Despite their opinions, conjectures and suppositions, the question remains: Can the Lane Kiffin stain be removed from the Tennessee Orange?

Heloise Bowles Cruse, the original Heloise of “Hints” fame, would surely know, but, unfortunately, she died in 1977.

Here’s a look at some of the latest:

The Daily Citizen, Dalton, GA – Adam Krohn: Why are Vols fans surprised?: Why is everyone in Knoxville acting so stunned that Lane Kiffin bolted for the University of Southern California? It should have been obvious to anyone who followed college football that as soon as Pete Carroll left the Trojans, Kiffin – if given the opportunity – would leave Tennessee and return to the place where he helped put together one of the greatest runs in college football history.

TOMLIN PIC AT CENTER OF FAKE KIFFIN CONTROVERSY | Mondesi’s House: Seen this yet? It supposedly started circulating as a photo of Lane Kiffin “partying with coeds” while at Tennessee. A Larry Eustachy Take Two, I suppose. Except there was one problem: one of the “co-eds” was Lane’s wife Layla, and the other people in the picture include Kiffin’s brother-in-law and a certain Pittsburgh Steeler head coach who was in town at the time helping at a coaching clinic.

One and done | Marvin West, Shopper-News: There is a two-line hand-painted sign in a Texas bar that says it another way: “Never fall in love with a prostitute” is the first line.

In college, honesty is academic – The Boston Globe: College coaches lie. How do these guys sleep at night? It’s unfair, of course, to include all coaches in the Liars Club, but it’s an odious and ever-expanding group. Put Lane Kiffin in a room with Jeff Jagodzinski, John Calipari, and Rick Pitino and you could make a polygraph machine explode.

The differences between (Derek) Dooley and (Lane) Kiffin are going to become increasing clear with each passing day, but the ultimate proof will have to come in the wins he brings to the Vols. The number to beat now is seven.