Interesting little email about the Waller-Banks race

A prominent local attorney involved in Democrat Party politics urged her in this email to drop out of the race. Needless to say, she apparently followed his advice. What was interesting was he urged her to drop out to help Earle Banks in his race against Chief Justice Bill Waller. Read for yourself. Its actually pretty good reading and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Vicki: I think you would be a great Congresswoman. I would vote twice if I could. However, I hope we can take a historical perspective and determine whether a run at this moment is best for you, the Party and those other non-partisan candidates that we support. I am copying xxxxx xxxx with this e-mail and hoping he will contradict me where I am wrong.

First and foremost, the last competitive race in this district was Ronnie Shows, an incumbent Congressman with a very moderate voting record and excellent name ID, who worked on the race for two years and spent $1.5 million (not counting independent expenditures). He lost by either 28 or 32 percentage points. Really. 2 to 1. This district is so unwinnable for a Democrat that I have not given anyone a nickel since Ronnie lost. I promise you the Crymes/Cupit/Liston group will not write checks. It is the reddest district in the reddest state in the U.S.

Second, although I am not positive it was in the same year (may have been) the other races around that district (McRae’s race) cost Jim Brantley the COA position. Too easy to link them. Too conservative a district. Because of your contributions (see below) and your position as the current MAJ president, the Republicans will not even have to lie when they link you/trial lawyers to Flip and to Earle. The sheets won’t lie. This will fire up the tort reform base and maybe even bring in some additional outside money for them. I even think it will help Romney, who will own this state, because at least of few of these folks will stay home before they vote for a Mormon. But they will vote against you (and press the Romney button along the way).
Jackson Jambalaya