Kingfish asks to vote in local blog poll

It can be found in the upper right corner of his blog:

Vote for you favorite

Just posted a new poll about the local blogs. As some people will wonder why I didn’t include Sid Salter or Marshall Ramsey, I think an explanation is in order. The poll excluded blogs by journalists and professional media outlets. I tried to limit it to blogs that covered the Jackson area to some degree, and didn’t include websites such as Magnolia Report, which are not blogs but aggregators. (They just post headlines from other websites.) Vote early and often and if there is one I missed, feel free to let me know.

Here’s the current numbers:

27 (20%)

Ipseblogit (Jim Craig)
6 (4%)

Y’all Politics
16 (11%)

Othor Cain
4 (2%)

Ms Litigation Review
6 (4%)

State Street Posts
3 (2%)

Jackson Jambalaya
51 (37%)

Free Citizen
0 (0%)
Majority in Mississippi
0 (0%)
Right of Mississippi
0 (0%)
Phil Hardwick’s Weblog
1 (0%)
Erik Fleming
0 (0%)
Magnolia Daily Photo
0 (0%)
Mississippi Brew Blog
21 (15%)