Ballpark brawl (Updated)

A Clinton and Madison team were playing each other in a 12 & under baseball game.  Clinton inserted a new catcher into the game.  A witness said he had to suit up and he was trying to find his mask.  The Madison side began screaming that Clinton was stalling.  It got pretty heated and the Clinton coach took the field and told the crowd they were not stalling and that his catcher was trying to get out there. Some more yelling and screaming took place until the scene briefly calmed down.

The black man who was knocked down in the video is a parent who helps the Clinton team.  He left and went over to the concession stand.  Someone called him the you-know-what word and it went downhill from there.  Meridian Mayor Percy Bland (who is black) was present and attempted to calm him down.  Then Mayor Bland’s bodyguard came flying into the scene.  The Clinton parent was knocked to the ground.  The cracking sound heard in the video is the sound of his femur breaking into two pieces.

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