Loome and Hall attack charter school supporters

The same Clarion-Ledger that hired the Executive Director of the Democratic Party as an assignment editor, is the same Clarion-Ledger that now refuses to publish pro-charter school letters. Surprised? Followers of the education debate over the last twelve months have seen the Clarion-Ledger act as the propaganda machine for Nancy Loome of the Parents’ Campaign, as it regularly publishes letters by Ms. Loome and Claiborne Barksdale. No shocker there, as the long-time editorial page editor was married to the communications director for Jackson Public Schools and always neglected to inform his readers of that fact. However, the newspaper’s unethical conduct continues after David Hampton’s retirement, as it refuses to print responses when its education darling decides to play schoolyard bully.

The newspaper published a story today under the headline “Advocate focuses on teacher training.” The entire article is about Ms. Loome and her legislative goals for 2013. There is not one word from anyone else, just the Gospel on Education according to Loome. The Clarion-Ledger published this article after it published a 432-word column by Ms. Loome attacking charter schools supporters on December 31 titled “Public Education for Sale?” (See comments for the column.). Regular readers of this website will recall last year how the newspaper published a lopsided number of columns, letters, and articles by Loome and her friends while giving scant room to the other side.

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