CL: medicsare or bust

Looks like the Clarion-Ledger is allowing Sam Hall to masquerade as a journalist. Mr. Hall is the former Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Party and the “Community Voices Editor” at the newspaper. If Hurst horde kept him on the editorial page that would be one thing but today, they allowed him to play in the journalism sandbox. The newspaper published a story about the emergence of Medicare as a campaign issue, after Mitt Romney selected Representative Paul Ryan to be his nominee for Vice President.

The story has the title: “Focus on Medicare: Ryan plan a lightning rod.” Wow. Nice headline. Automatically casts the Ryan plan in a negative light. Now for the opening rounds, oops, I meant sentences:

“Led by President Barack Obama, Democrats claimed on Monday that Republican challenger Mitt Romney privately backs controversial plans to overhaul Medicare and cut trillions from social programs that his new vice presidential running mate has publicly proposed.

Rep. Paul Ryan “has given definition to the vague commitments that Romney has been making,” Vice President Joe Biden said as the Democrats welcomed the Wisconsin lawmaker to the race with a barrage of criticism. “There is no distinction” between the two, he said…”

That’s right. Open with the President’s criticism. The story then jumps to the Republican side and publishes a few obligatory quotes. The scrutiny then returns to Mr. Ryan:

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