Tea Party Food Fight

Earlier this year, Lane and two other CMTP officials agreed to participate in an interview with the left leaning publication. However, the reporter and the JFP photographer hid from the interviewees that they were video taping the interview. JFP editors have now conspired to discredit the TEA Party by crafty editing of the secretly recorded video to take out all context. It is also suspect that the editor’s of the publication would begin promoting the video 4 months later just prior to November elections.

Lane had this to say:

“While I attempt not to respond to ridiculous charges, I feel that I must address these despicable acts of the liberal publication Jackson Free Press to smear the Central Mississippi TEA Party and our efforts. The editors of this publication have stepped beyond simple political leanings into the realm of “attack dog” journalism. This is proof the liberal media in Mississippi will stoop to new levels of low to ‘create’ news, and to try anything to fight the conservative landslide that is taking place in Mississippi.

We were not told the interview was being recorded by video, and the angle of the shot clearly shows that it was being hidden from us.

The video version of the interview is an heavily edited portion that shows me making a statement in jest to badgering by the reporter about gender and whether women should be in politics. My response was ‘tongue in cheek’ and I gave a ridiculous answer, both in words and tone, to what I found to be a ridiculous premise.

I attempted to challenge his ridiculous line of questioning about men controlling women with an equally ridiculous statement about a women’s right to vote. It was my mistake to respond to his attempts to bait me, and to try to use sarcasm to prove my point of how outrageous his questions really were.

Jackson Jambalaya