Derrick Johnson slush fund!!!

The Secretary of State cracked down on a Derrick Johnson charity. It seems our head of the Mississippi NAACP is paid $120,000 a year to operate One Voice, a non-profit with the same address as the state NAACP.

One Voice states its purpose is to “enhance civic engagement in the formation of public policy through leadership development, research support, training, and technical assistance for advocacy groups, associations, and community-based organizations with the purpose of improving the quality of life for African-Americans and other disenfranchised communities.”

The state said One Voice did not submit audited financial statements nor was it registered with the state as required by law. The state also said One Voice tried to avoid submitting all records when they were requested. The state said One Voice paid for individuals to attend NAACP events in Los Angeles. It paid overdraft fees of $1,650. It allowed officers to use ATM cards to withdraw cash from the company’s bank account. One Voice even chipped in on a trip to Paris, France for an unnamed person. Officers, directors, employees were allowed to sign checks made payable to themselves.

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