Mayor’s lawsuit dismissed.

The court fight between Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber and his former executive assistant took another turn last week.  U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan, III threw out Mayor Yarber’s lawsuit against Kimberly Bracey.  Mrs. Bracey sued the Mayor and city of Jackson in August and made several salacious allegations.

The complaint mentioned strippers, fundraisers, and even body-paint.  She stated that she had an affair with the Mayor after he performed the wedding ceremony with her and her husband.  However, she claimed that she feared retaliation when she tried to end the affair.

Mayor Yarber sued her in return for defamation as he claimed that the allegations in her complaint were defamatory and had no basis in fact.  He also claimed that Mrs. Bracey “falsely” alleged in her complaint that she had a sexual relationship with the Mayor and that the Mayor had “numerous sexual relationships with other women” during his tenure as Mayor.  Attorney Judy Barnett represents the Mayor.  He also alleged that Ms. Bracey abused the service of process:

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