KINGFISH POLL – Waller edges Hoseman by two votes

Very interesting. I put up a ‘lil ole poll about Republican candidates for Governor in 2011 and the results were very interesting, to say the least. Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller edged out Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann by two votes. Even more curious was Hoseman and Waller both doubled the amount of votes for the acknowledged front-runner for the job, Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant. Just as interesting was the fact Chip Pickering, previously touted as a leading candidate for the job, only received 13 votes, only 3%.

Phil Bryant
60 (17%)
Delbert Hosemann
112 (33%)
David Landrum
4 (1%)
Amy Tuck
19 (5%)
Chip Pickering
13 (3%)
Greg Harper
12 (3%)
Billy Hewes
4 (1%)
Bill Waller
114 (33%)

Jackson Jambalaya