How bloated is JPS?

How bloated is the JPS payroll? Compare the workforce of JPS and Desoto County. Desoto is the largest school district in Mississippi with 6,589 students more than JPS.* However, JPS has nearly a thousand more employees and a much smaller share of JPS’s employees are teachers. See how bad the numbers are.

Student Population
Desoto: 33,537
JPS: 26,948
Difference: 6,589

Total Number of Employees
Desoto: 4,261
JPS: 5,202 (Source: Audit)

JPS has 941 more employees despite Desoto having 6,589 more students BUT wait, it gets worse. Check out the number of teachers as a percentage of the workforce.

Total Number of Certified Teachers
Desoto: 2,358
JPS: 1,972 (Source: Audit)

Teachers as a % of Workforce
Desoto: 55%
JPS: 38%

You reading those proportions correctly. 55% of the employees at the “A” school district are teachers. 38% of the teachers at the “F” school district are teachers. The ratio only improves to 40% if JPS gets the 200 teachers it says it needs to alleviate its teacher shortage.

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