Kingfish: What WAS it about MC School of Law?

This has to be a record of some type at Mississippi College. Five of my classmates at MCSOL have been in trouble:

Edward Benson: permanently disbarred for embezzling on real estate closings.
Kyle Sadler: disbarred for embezzling from escrow account.
Kristie Smith-Miller: The Shoot-out at the Krystal on County Line Road.
Laura Kuns: Front page of the newspaper for having an affair with Justice Diaz
Dwayne Deer: permanently disbarred last week for real estate fraud.

Now George McCranie, IV, who went back to Georgia to practice law, just got himself indicted by the feds for allegedly trying to exort a judge. A copy of the indictment , News story

What WAS it about the Ethics classes at MCSOL?

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