Did Bill Minor Lie?

Just one problem, Mr. Reeves is just one board member and appoints no one to the board. Want to guess who else was on the board? Attorney General Jim Hood and Representative Steve Holland.(2007 annual report, see page 2, 2008 annual report, 2009 annual report). The Attorney General and Treasurer have permanent seats on the board while the Governor appoints one member from each Congressional district. Mr. Reeves serves as Chairman of the Board and is outvoted six to one. The Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House each appoint three non-voting members. Mr. Minor for some strange reason does not accuse Jim Hood or Governor Barbour of mismanagement. One sits on the board and the other controls a voting majority. If Mr. Minor is going to go down this path, one would think he would mention the Governor or Attorney General. However, this is not the last time Mr. Minor intentionally keeps facts from getting in the way of editorial falsehoods in this column.

Jackson Jambalaya