Kirk Bohls: This one was no upset, because Texas is better than OU

DALLAS — Texas is better than OU.
Go ahead. Read it to yourself. Read it aloud. Scream it if you want. Tell the neighbors. Text someone. Write your congressman.
It’s true. Texas has a better football team than Oklahoma. Savor it, Longhorn fans. Feel it, take it in, believe it.
Pinch yourself black and blue, it won’t change the fact that your Texas Longhorns smacked the living daylights out of top-ranked OU and have begun to make the case that they are the best team in college football, at least in early October. And this dramatic victory didn’t have the feel of an upset.

Even Mack Brown wasn’t sure how good a team he had going into this Cotton Bowl grudge match, but its previous No. 5 ranking was more substantial than lipstick on a State Fair pig. Texas proved it is for real and now gets a chance to do it again next weekend against Missouri.
The Longhorns scored a 45-35 victory that was predicated on yet another Heisman-like performance from quarterback Colt McCoy, terrific efforts from the two most underrated wide receivers in the nation, Quan Cosby and Jordan Shipley, and a host of defensive playmakers who held the potent Sooners to a single touchdown in the last 27 minutes of the game.

They bested an OU team that, according to a scouting report on, has four of the top 30 projected NFL draft picks. Texas had none.