Kitty Sasser is a Democrat who is challenging Republican Rep. Sam Mims this fall.

Sasser also happens to be the sister of Rep. Bobby Moak, leader of the House Democrats.

Sasser, for her part, filed her May 8 campaign finance reports apparently from the confines of North Pike High School. That fax machine is listed in a superintendent’s listing from the department of education and the fax stamp says North Pike on the finance report.

5711 NORTH PIKE SCHOOL DIST 001 Dr. Ben E. Cox 1036 Jaguar Trail Summit MS 39666 [email protected] 601 2762216 601 2763666 1036 Jaguar Trail Summit MS 39666 18-Aug-11 2803240 Lisa Freeman [email protected] (fax: 601-276-7634)

As for her report, she raised $5,750 with only $3225 COH. $2,000 of that came from Bobby Moak. Mims raised $4,650 and has $252K COH.