First Congressional District Candidates Square Off

Just eight days are left to election day. With most of the focus on the presidential race, MPB takes a look instead at the two main candidates in the First Congressional District in north Mississippi: Republican Congressman Alan Nunnelee and his Democratic challenger Brad Morris. MPB’s Sandra Knispel reports.

At a recent debate at the University of Mississippi’s Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics Nunnelee and Morris disagreed sharply over what programs should be cut in order to reduce the deficit. First the incumbent, Republican Nunnelee:

“We’ve already begun to cut government spending but there’s a lot left to do. Far too often we’re asking government the question, ‘How can an agency do something better?’ I think it’s time we start asking the questions, ‘Does government need to be doing this at all?’ And if we do that we make a lot of cuts.”

Democrat Morris has a different perspective.

Mississippi Business Journal