Knowledgeable Walker smart choice by Melton for city’s top administrative officer

Walker, 61, a former Warren County supervisor, has broad vision and understands the importance of continuity in leadership and developing leaders.

“You must have a ball, and you can’t hand that ball off in an official ceremony after an election,” said Walker, who has worked for Mississippi Legal Services Coalition and was a field secretary for the state NAACP.

The Jackson State graduate said it’s crucial for the city to develop a real partnership with JSU, and he would look to its business school for innovation.

Walker was the first African American to receive a master’s degree from the University of Mississippi and the first person of color to serve as an Ole Miss teaching assistant. He has lobbied Congress and the state Legislature.

Walker, who was chosen over former Jackson Police Chief Robert Johnson, commutes from Vicksburg but said he would establish residency in Jackson, if confirmed by the City Council.

Walker, who taught current CAO Otha Burton at JSU, is well-regarded, City Council President Leslie B. McLemore said. “He’s knowledgeable and knows key players statewide,” McLemore said. “He has the ability to function in various settings. He will be an asset to the city.”

Eric Stringfellow
Clarion Ledger