Kwame to Childers – Let’s figure out how to get DC representation, then I’ll deal with guns

Voting rights vs. 2nd Amendment is a false choice

Kwame joins volunteers from DC vote in the MLK Parade
Mississippi Congressman Travis Childers wants Americans to make a choice between the District’s right to Congressional representation and the Second Amendment of the Constitution. At-Large Councilmember Kwame R. Brown believes this is a false choice between two fundamental rights. He invited Rep. Childers to support DC statehood and if he does, Councilmember Kwame Brown will join him at a shooting range to discuss how to reduce gun violence in the District.

“I don’t think we have to choose between representation and guns,” said Councilmember Kwame Brown. “Mississippi residents have the right to bear arms and I don’t want to tell them how to run their state. If Rep. Childers fully supports voting rights, I’m willing to join him at the range to show that we’re not against guns, we’re against gun violence. I’d like to hear his constructive ideas on how the District can reduce gun related crimes.”