Lack of auditing resources a regional problem

Out of Mississippi’s 120 state agencies, boards and commissions, dozens have gone years without a comprehensive state audit, including the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, which went a decade without a full state review.

In any given year, typically more than half of the 120 agencies, boards and commissions may go without a comprehensive state audit, according to records the Mississippi State Auditor’s Office posted online. Some may go years between audits.

Lack of audits isn’t just an issue in Mississippi. Auditors in other states report declining staffs and less funding for accountability projects during the economic downturn.

“In this day and age, we talk about accountability, we talk about open government and everyone looking at everything, but when you get right down to funding for it, it doesn’t seem to be there,” said Deborah Loveless, Tennessee’s director of state audits.

Sun Herald