Lampton, Barksdale to Mississippians – Attract jobs, strengthen workforce

When Gov. Phil Bryant delivered his inaugural address, he pledged to work hard to build a Mississippi where every resident who wants a job can find a job. In order to attract new opportunities, Mississippi must position itself as a prime location for business and workforce development. To generate solid policies to help our state grow, Gov. Bryant created Mississippi Works — a diverse group of business leaders focused on increasing economic opportunities in Mississippi and crafting a long-range strategy for strengthening the state’s business and workforce development efforts.

In collaboration with the governor, the members of the Mississippi Works Executive Committee have developed a policy agenda for the 2013 legislative session. We believe that these policies, if adopted by the Mississippi Legislature, will bring new jobs to Mississippians and will equip our state with a more skilled workforce.

Chief among our proposals is stabilizing Mississippi’s tax environment for small businesses. In his Executive Budget Recommendation, Gov. Bryant provided relief for small employers that are penalized by a state budget mechanism that requires them to pre-pay certain taxes. In 2007, the Legislature exempted many small businesses from this burdensome requirement but then suspended its own proposal. We urge lawmakers to finally enact the relief this year and provide Mississippi’s small employers with a more secure environment for growth and job creation.

Hattiesburg American