Landrieu presses Navy secretary to help keep shipyard in her battered state

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) is pressing Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus to help prevent the closure of a major shipyard in her state.

Defense giant Northrop Grumman is planning to close its Avondale shipyard in Southern Louisiana by early 2013, dealing another blow to a state already battered by a slew of disasters.

In a letter to Mabus, Landrieu urged the Navy Secretary to treat the situation “with the utmost urgency” and to “commit the full power of his office” in order to prevent the shuttering of Avondale.

“With the Administration’s support, the loss of Avondale as a viable shipyard is entirely preventable,” Landrieu, a Senate appropriator, wrote on Thursday. “I believe, with your guidance, that the administration can work with my office to formulate a plan that will ensure that our manufacturing base is secure, while preventing economic catastrophe for thousands of workers in Louisiana.”

The Hill