Dear Friends:

I was as surprised as you were to read the Clarion Ledger article
yesterday about David and Jill’s voting history. It did not fairly
represent the David and Jill that we know, admire and respect. They’ve
both made important commitments over the years to good government and
the Republican Party. Like you, I am enormously grateful that a man of
David’s integrity and character would join in the rigors of a political
campaign to represent Mississippians in Congress.

David tells me that he and Jill vividly remember voting in those
elections that the newspaper questioned. David sent a staffer to find
their signatures and confirm. Unfortunately, a press release was sent
out by the campaign staff without David’s knowledge and approval. It
never occurred to either David or Jill to verify the signatures. David
accepts responsibility for an honest mistake. Unfortunately, the
election commissioner’s office reports that the voting affidavits that
would have confirmed their participation are missing.

A lot of us have known David Landrum for many years, and I know you’ll
agree that we need a man of David’s character and his tough, get things
done, no nonsense approach to tackle the complicated problems in
Washington. I’m proud to support my friend David Landrum, and I hope
you’ll join me with your endorsement in an ad to run in the Clarion
Ledger. The text for the ad is below. Thank you for your help in
sending David to Washington.

If you would like for your name to appear with this ad, please reply to
this email. If you know of anyone else that would like to be included,
please forward this email to them so they can reply. Please include
your name, how it should be printed, and the city where you live.

Bill Lampton
Campaign Chair
David Landrum for Congress

These are tough, challenging times for Mississippians. Now, more than
ever, we need a candidate with the character, experience and a tough, no
nonsense approach to solving the problems in Washington. We need David
Landrum in Congress!

We are proud to support David Landrum. David is a successful
businessman, a committed Christian, family man who is dedicated to
government that works, and a long-time supporter of the Republican
Party. We need David Landrum in Congress!

The issues we face are complicated and critical to our future. As our
next Congressman, David Landrum will work to provide more affordable
healthcare, work to protect Social Security, work to bring better jobs
to Mississippi, work to stop illegal immigration, work to find solutions
for cheaper energy sources, and fight to protect the rights of our
veterans. We need David Landrum in Congress!

Join us on Tuesday, March 11th, and let’s send David Landrum to