Lane Kiffin Adds Norm Chow, Ed Orgeron, Monte Kiffin to USC Staff

Fresh off the news of USC’s stunning hire of Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin to succeed Pete Carroll, ESPN is reporting that Kiffin has added a USC fan favorite and two legendary lifetime coordinators to his coaching staff. Kiffin will bring on USC fan favorite Ed Orgeron, as well as his father Monte Kiffin, to organize USC’s defense. Even more stunning, he has lured Norm Chow from UCLA to return and run the Trojans’ offense.

So, right off the bat USC’s once anemic coordinator spots have been stocked with some of the best coordinators in pro and college football history. The move signals that Kiffin and Chow have clearly patched up their differences since the 2005 breakup that saw Chow leave for the NFL and Kiffin ascend with Steve Sarkisian to USC’s coordinator post.

Although Kiffin’s hire will remain unpopular, USC fans and boosters have to be elated with the trio that will be at his side when USC holds a ceremony to announce Kiffin’s hiring on Wednesday.

After a tough, dizzying week USC has now fully parted ways with coach Pete Carroll while all but recreating his former staff. Meet the new boss, not quite the same (but close enough) to the old boss.