Lane Kiffin can fire up fans, but better not fire up rivals

Lane Kiffin seems like a smart, eager to learn, young football coach.
If I were him, I would start hanging around Pat Summitt. He could absorb volumes from her, things he needs to learn if he is to become a successful head coach. She has coaching shorts older than Kiffin.

Summitt hasn’t won 1,000 games by calling out other SEC coaches in public.
After learning that Kiffin accused Florida Coach Urban Meyer of cheating to get Pahokee, Fla., hotshot Nu’Keese Richardson, I seriously questioned his wisdom. Have no doubt that Meyer will try to hang 80 points on the Vols in September.
You don’t go to the Swamp armed with sticks when the other guys have AK-47s. Kiffin might want to bite his tongue until some of these recruits he turned from Florida, Alabama and LSU actually get on the field.