Lane Kiffin Will Succeed in Spite of Phillip Fulmer

What Lane Kiffin did in 2009 with the pile of slop he inherited from Coach Fulmer is a miracle. If you take away the UCLA and Auburn loss, which most agree was Fulmer’s fault for scheduling, Lane Kiffin only lost 3 games. A miracle, especially considering the team he was given. Coach Fulmer left Tennessee with sub-par athletes. Why is this? Well, most have heard him call certain players “Thugs”. Oddly all the players labeled thugs were African-American. He even told Montario Hardesty “I am playing Arian Foster because he looks white on TV.” Think about this, because of poor recruiting Lane Kiffin had to start 10 white players. That is 10 guys who shouldn’t be playing in the SEC. Coach Fulmer just didn’t get it. White players equal losses. Lane Kiffin on the other hand has only recruited a handful of white guys in his first 2 years. Kiffin even tells these kids going in that they will be backups and play special teams.

The team Kiffin inherited alone would be bad enough, but that is not all. Coach Fulmer has been working non-stop to get Kiffin fired. He will stop at nothing. A source close to the situation said, “Phillip Fulmer has tipped off several teams about recruiting violations committed by Tennessee and the new coaching staff.” Most people were probably aware of this, however the source went on to say, “Phillip has told me that he will not stop until Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron are in prison. He has even agreed to help the NCAA with whatever they need.” If I was Mike Hamilton I would have FULMER arrested on meddling charges.