McCain’s Veepstakes

Haley Barbour, Mississippi governor: He’s an affable Southerner adept at raising money, but carries limited appeal outside his region.

Charlie Crist, Florida governor: While popular in a crucial swing state, he is a rookie on the national scene.

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas: He is charismatic, with strong evangelical support, but loathed by economic conservatives.

Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota governor: He is telegenic and popular with conservatives, but his appeal beyond the Midwest is questionable.

Rob Portman, former Ohio congressman: A swing-state fiscal conservative, he too is not widely known.

Condoleezza Rice, secretary of State: She’s a foreign policy expert with demographic appeal, but closely associated with an unpopular president.

Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor: He has a successful corporate resume, but had difficulty connecting with voters and a history of shifting positions.

Mark Sanford, South Carolina governor: While loved by conservatives, he is untested in national politics.

LA Times