(The message below is written by Elaine Vechorik of Mississippi for Liberty, http://www.msforliberty.com.)

Hey, did you know that folks around the country are still watching, waiting and listening to what is happening here in MISSISSIPPI in the senate race! This is from a Tea Party Activist friend in the Florida panhandle! (A BIG THANKS to Elaine Vechorik for reaching out across the country!)

Yes, things are hopping in MS. True the Vote is leading the way with the lawsuits. They trained over 200 McDaniel volunteers to evaluate the voting system in each county. I was one of those 200. It’s a mess in the counties we reviewed, and some counties would not allow the examiners, which resulted in writ of mandamus for Clerks.

Lots of lies are still coming out of the Cochran camp. Cochran/Barbour control media in MS. If it weren’t for the help of “outsiders” publishing the truth nationally and those “outsiders” that came into MS to help, Mississippians wouldn’t have a chance to expose all this.

An investigative journalist appeared and he is really stirring up trouble that may end with many arrests. He is Charles C. Johnson — on Twitter, he is @ChuckCJohnson and on Facebook is Charles C. Johnson https://www.facebook.com/charles.c.johnson. You can see the news develop with Johnson before it appears in newspapers (if it ever does appear). His friend, Matt Boyle at Breitbart usually prints Johnson’s discoveries. Johnson is unorthodox, has all journalists in MS hating/attacking him and he’s really stirring the pot by exposing connections/illegal activities.

He is recruiting supporters for jobs, like getting receipts from the radio stations that ran racist ads.

On Friday, Johnson held a press conference in Washington connecting the racist MS ads to NATIONAL Republican Senatorial Committee. They didn’t follow FEC guidelines (trying to hide it). There will be more national news on this shortly.

Johnson is also the person who published the Fielder video story of Cochran’s camp buying votes. Media bent over backwards to discredit this story because Johnson paid Fielder to talk. Johnson says, don’t worry – he has other witnesses.

I’m leader of MS for Liberty with over 12,000 patriots working for a better MS. I’m listed as a plaintiff on all the True the Vote suits and also a member of the County GOP Executive Committee. I was singled out for hits by bloggers, on the radio and in the Clarion-Ledger newspaper. Yesterday all members of the MS GOP received this message — I’ll never back down on exposing Mississippi corruption – never.

If anyone can help with money – that would be grand. Charles C Johnson is an independent journalist who started a new site for MS and raises his own funds: http://gotnews.com/

McDaniel legal fund is at https://transaxt.com/mobile/Donate/6VU4SK/FriendsofChrisMcDaniel/
or donate directly to True the Vote (who gained tax-deductible status and are currently giving consternation to the IRS).

……………………………….Written by Elaine Vechorik of Mississippi for Liberty, http://www.msforliberty.com.