Dickie Scruggs Saga Keeps On Giving

The latest, reports Lange on his site Y’all Politics, is that, from prison, Scruggs is fighting for a Qui Tam, that is, a whistle-blower action against State Farm Insurance in Mississippi. Back in discovery, Lange explains, State Farm had subpoenaed communications between Scruggs and PR firm Rendon. Among other allegations, State Farm contended that Scruggs was leaking sealed court documents to the media in order to influence public opinion.

Rendon and Scruggs didn’t like that. In response, they filed an alias action in D.C. federal court to deep-six the subpoena. In all that fighting, they wound up publishing a “privilege log” containing the email traffic for the past three years. The data, observes Lange, is titillating.

A few more breaks like this and we won’t see Lange around publishing Y’all Politics any more. Off to Pina Colada land.

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April 15