Law firm hands Fulmer subpoena, sympathy

Something unexpected dropped in Phillip Fulmer’s lap Thursday morning. Besides a subpoena.
It was a road map to the high ground.
The Tennessee coach, Alabama’s former Public Enemy No.1 – who had dropped in that poll behind Les Miles – could’ve made himself as close to a sympathetic figure as he’s ever been on this side of the state line.
He could’ve acknowledged the bush-league legal maneuver attempting to compel him to give a deposition in another dubious lawsuit spawned by Alabama’s last NCAA infractions case.

He could’ve denounced the latest bunch of legal beagles who seem to be trying to get one back for Alabama football against the big, bad NCAA.
He could’ve suggested that this state do something it’s found painfully difficult at times in too many cases.
Move on.
Instead Fulmer said, “I have not seen a subpoena.”