The Sun Herald, 7/27/8

Brandon Jones was 12 when Adrienne Klasky Graham’s ex-husband gunned her down at a busy intersection in Pascagoula, but he remembers it and the effect it had on his community.

“All of us living in Pascagoula in 1989 remember that day,” said Jones, now a young attorney representing Pascagoula in the Legislature. “And to know that someone can shoot someone in the plain light of day and walk free less than 20 years later. The governor’s action has broken open a lot of old wounds and it offends the community’s sense of justice and safety.”

Jones said he has a problem with a man who committed a premeditated murder being among those considered by the governor to have his sentence suspended or commuted, outside the authority of the Parole Board.

He also pointed out that since Graham’s sentence has only been suspended, Barbour can revoke the action, make good by Pascagoula and put Graham back in prison.