Lawsuit info involving Jackson mayoral hopeful Lee sent to media

With just over a week left until voters head to the polls, a legal dispute involving a mayoral candidate’s family business has suddenly surfaced as the most-talked-about issue in Jackson politics.

Each of four lawsuits was brought for the same reason — Mississippi Products, run until recently by mayoral hopeful Jonathan Lee, didn’t pay its bills when it was caught in the middle of a complicated contractual dispute. And in each case, a default judgment was issued against the company, demanding payment for as much as $75,000 worth of goods.

But because of the nature of the business relationships involved, it’s not clear to what extent, if any, Mississippi Products was to blame for the disputes. Nevertheless, the documents — which were distributed in unmarked envelopes to every major media outlet in the area and Lee’s opponents — have cast a late cloud over one of the frontrunners in the Democratic primary.

Clarion Ledger