Lawyer – Hood tainted jury pool for accused priest killer

A day after winning re-election, Attorney General Jim Hood came under fire for one of his campaign ads. The lawyer for a man accused of murder says that ad, seen across the state, convicted his client.

The client is Jeremy Maineri. The attorney is Brian Alexander.

In the defense attorney’s opinion, the ad is so unfair, it means getting a fair trial anywhere in Mississippi will be impossible.

The words that angered Alexander so much were when an announcer said, “Then, the child molester murdered a 70-year-old priest in cold blood.”

Alexander believes it’s his client who’s been harmed.

“When I first saw that commercial, I was shocked,” Alexander said.

Maineri is the man who was arrested four months ago and charged with robbing and killing a priest in Waveland. Maineri sits in jail waiting for his day in court.

“Our entire legal system is predicated on the premise that an accused is presumed innocent. The sitting attorney general stating, unequivocally declaring, convicting Jeremy Maineri for a crime he had not yet been indicted is so beyond the pale,” explained Alexander