The Sun Herald, 10/1/8

A defense attorney in a federal criminal case against Jackson Mayor Frank Melton wants a news station to hand over footage that does not appear to be directly related to the crimes in which the mayor is accused.

It’s another twist in an already strange case in which the mayor is accused of attacking a duplex and the federal government wants to ask potential jurors their three favorite TV shows.

Melton, 59, and two police bodyguards are accused of using a sledgehammer and sticks to destroy a home the mayor considered a crack house in 2006. They pleaded not guilty.

Attorney John Colette, who represents one of the bodyguards, plans to subpoena a “records custodian” for WLBT TV, an NBC affiliate in Jackson, according to a filing Tuesday in federal court.

Colette wants access to WLBT footage of a 2006 incident involving Jackson police officers and an individual believed to be Michael Black.