LeBron’s future still up in air, but acquiring Jamison was right move

This week, in a move that made perfect sense but was also absolutely insane, the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Antawn Jamison.
It made sense because Jamison makes the Cavs a better team. It was insane because, for the first time I can remember, the team with the best record in the NBA had to worry more about the future than the present at the trade deadline This is what LeBron James’ looming free agency has wrought.
Put yourself in Cavs GM Danny Ferry’s office this week. The common feeling around the NBA was that Ferry had to make a move … even though his team has the best record in the league. Why? Partly because most people figure the Lakers are better than Cleveland. But it’s largely because Ferry has to convince LeBron that the Cavs are doing everything they can to win.
But how do you convince LeBron? Ferry had two primary options: Antawn Jamison and Amar’e Stoudemire.