Calling the ankle injury he suffered Saturday nothing more than a bump in the leg, LSU redshirt freshman quarterback Jarrett Lee said he felt like he was back to full strength Wednesday after returning to practice.

“I’m feeling great,” Lee said after participating in morning and afternoon workouts.

Teammates said Lee threw the ball well and looked good at everything he did.

“It was like he was never out,” receiver Brandon LaFell said. “He didn’t miss any steps.”

Offensive tackle Ciron Black said he was relieved and pleasantly surprised.

“I was amazed at how quick he got back, because I wasn’t aware of what happened,” Black said. “Of course I knew it was an ankle, but I didn’t know to what extent — if it was a high ankle sprain, low ankle sprain, or what happened.

“To see him back this morning and see him slinging the ball like he did — of course, he was pushing off of it a lot, making cuts and stuff like that — I was surprised. He’s blessed, so I’m happy.”

LSU coach Les Miles didn’t meet with reporters Wednesday. Early in the week he called Lee’s injury one of “soft tissue” and said it was nothing serious.

Lee said it wasn’t an ankle sprain, although that part of his leg was taped at practice.

“It was just a little bump in the leg,” he said. “I was ready to get back the other day, but they were just being cautious.”

As Miles said Monday, Lee said the injury occurred when a teammate fell into him.

“It was just a freak accident,” Lee said. “It could happen to anyone.”

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