Lamptons, former justice in public dispute

Two former Mississippi Supreme Court judges, the recently departed U.S. attorney and his wealthy relative were involved in a secret state court dispute that his been moved to federal court and opened to the public.

Oilman Leslie Lampton filed a lawsuit against former Supreme Court Judge Oliver Diaz Jr. and his wife, Jennifer, asking for immunity from a lawsuit the Diazes had threatened to file against him as a former member of the Mississippi Judicial Performance Commission.

The Diazes maintain that Dunn Lampton, then U.S. Attorney, turned over their confidential tax and banking records to the commission after Oliver Diaz was acquitted of any wrongdoing in a federal judicial bribery case. Their attorney, former Supreme Court Justice Chuck McRae, said Lampton’s disclosure of the records violated federal law, as did review of the confidential records by Leslie Lampton and other members of the commission.