Hood hires former AG, former SC justice to handle BP claims

Hood told The Associated Press Tuesday that he has hired Mike Moore, a Democrat who served as attorney general from 1988 to 2004, and Reuben Anderson, the first African-American justice to serve on the state’s high court.

The attorney general also confirmed to the AP that he has hired Legier and Co., a New Orleans-based forensic accounting firm, to help the state develop its “economic damage model.”

Frank Corder of Yall Politics had reported Hood’s hiring of Moore last week. However, both the attorney general and Moore initially denied the relationship.

The contract, which was signed and dated Tuesday and of which Yall Politics obtained a copy, does not say specifically how Moore, or Anderson, will be paid.

Their fees, costs and expenses will be paid for by “one or more of the parties legally responsible for the incident at the conclusion of the litigation or negotiated settlement,” the three-page contract states.

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