Legislative Conservative Coalition calls for public-private commission to review State agencies


In the current economy, households and small businesses all around Mississippi are tightening their belts and refusing to spend money they don’t have. The Mississippi Legislative Conservative Coalition believes it is entirely reasonable and appropriate for the State to do likewise. In light of the ongoing economic challenges facing the State, the Coalition at its recent 2009 Annual Retreat adopted the following policy statement as its primary objective for the 2010 Regular Legislative Session:

The Coalition will support only those appropriations measures which are brought forth at a time when the Legislature is fully advised of the amount of State funds available to be spent and which authorize spending only within the known funding limits. The Coalition supports completing this budgeting process within the 90-day Legislative Session.

In addition, the Coalition voted to support in concept two separate “good government” proposals expected to be introduced during the Session. The first, which will be introduced by Rep. Jerry Turner (R-Baldwyn), is a proposal to generally require at least 72 hours be given to members of the Legislature to review all bills and conference reports brought to the floor prior to a vote on such bills or conference reports. The people have the right to expect their elected representatives to know exactly what is contained in legislation before them and to formulate a reasoned opinion prior to a vote.

The second, spearheaded by Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Gulfport) is a proposal to adopt the Mississippi Performance Review Act. Taxpayers expect and deserve their elected officials to be good stewards of their money not only during a crisis, but day in and day out. The Mississippi Performance Review Act would create an independent public-private commission that is tasked with reviewing all state agencies and then making recommendations to the legislature for consideration. Cost savings are always important as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and delivery of services.