Legislative Races Still Too Be Determined

As of this morning, we still have several races that have yet to be called by the Associated Press or that we have heard questions about. I don’t know as much about the people who have been in these districts, but here is the latest:

SD 18: Giles Ward has apparently won re-election although the race hasn’t officially been called. According to the Neshoba Democrat, Ward leads by about 150 votes or 50.43 versus 49.57 for Democrat Steven Kilgore. A GOP hold would give them 30 members in the Senate, and leave Democrats at just 22.

HD 24: Have heard nothing about this. Last numbers we have seen are the unofficial totals showing Democrat Kevin Horan leading Sid Bondurant by 145 votes. This would be a Democratic pickup.

HD 25: This was called for Republican Gene Alday on election day but some Democrats have complained that this race was left off some ballots in Coahoma county. What I have heard is that their weren’t enough votes in that precinct to flip the election even if John Mayo received 100 percent of them.

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