Yes, MAEP rewrite is still on the table

Asked about the status of the rewrite, House Education Chairman John Moore, R-Brandon, who has spoken in favor of overhauling the MAEP said he was “waiting on the third floor” where Reeves and Gunn’s offices are housed…

…Harkins, who represents the third-largest school district in the state, said he has not been involved with rewrite talks. Noting that he doesn’t serve on the Education Committee where he would expect the groundwork for a rewrite to take place, Harkins said has not yet seen a preliminary proposal.

But Harkins said he feels comfortable asking Senate Education Chairman Gray Tollison, R-Oxford, for updates on the progress, explaining that he wouldn’t automatically agree with any proposed changes without having evaluated their impact first.

For his part, Tollison, like Moore, also defended the process thus far.

Clarion Ledger