The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 12/7/8

At noon on Tuesday, Jan. 6, the Mississippi Legislature will convene the 2009 session just as the state Constitution mandates.

But for that day, the Legislature will not be meeting in the Capitol building deemed the seat of government for most of the past 100-plus years. The Legislature, instead, will meet in what is known as the old Capitol.

“I have never been in that building,” said Rep. Donnie Bell, D-Fulton. “I am looking forward to it. It has a lot of history.”

The Legislature for a ceremonial day will meet in the newly renovated old Capitol, which rests at the head of Capitol Street on a hill overlooking the state fairgrounds.

Opened in 1839, it was where Mississippi voted to secede from the Union and where the current state Constitution was written and approved in 1890.