‘Level Playing Field’ – Secretary of State Hosemann speaks at Pas Rotary club

A majority of Hosemann’s comments were geared toward all his department is doing to combat fraud in the state’s elections and within the companies doing business here.

“Probably the most important thing that I do is to make sure that who you vote for gets a fair and level playing field,” he said. “Every time there’s elections, we go out. On (election) Tuesday, we were in 31 municipalities . . . over 180 precincts, making sure it went right and people weren’t cheating; (that) the vote just counts for one.”

He said he expected Mississippi’s voter identification referendum to pass in the November 2011 election and that it would withstand any federal challenges.

Hosemann spoke about how the companies Morgan Keegan and Stanford Financial cost the state about $50 million a piece through shady dealings. Both cases, which involve many more states than just Mississippi, are still being adjudicated.

The “Stanford debacle,” he said, led to his becoming co-chair of the securities commission of the National Association of Secretaries of State.

“We can’t allow individuals to misrepresent the financial products that are sold in this state,” Hosemann said. “We don’t have $100 million in capital to go out the door.”

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