Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves announced today that he raised $1.27 million over the course of 2014.

Tate Reeves said: “Literally thousands of Mississippians are helping us strengthen Mississippi’s future with their time, resources and energy. I am so thankful to each and every person dedicated to helping us implement our conservative reform agenda.”

Reeves’ impressive fundraising totals leave him with $2.35 million total on hand and put him in a strong position going into the 2015 election year.

Garrett McInnis, a spokesman for Reeves, stated, “Obviously these strong fundraising numbers give us great momentum heading into the 2015 election cycle. Tate’s strong leadership and vision for the future have attracted an unprecedented level of support.”

In his first term, Lt. Gov. Reeves’ leadership has resulted in a balanced budget that only spends recurring revenue for recurring expenses, education reform to raise academic achievement for all students and continued protection of Mississippians’ Second Amendment Rights.

LG Tate Reeves Press Release