Liberal Blogger Uses Recently Laid Off Employees To Try And Make Bryant Look Bad

It was a no good, very bad day for “job creation” across the state (and especially for families in North Mississippi) yesterday, when Furniture Brands announced a manufacturing plant closure that will cost Mississippi 1,400 jobs. According to the Clarion Ledger, the plants in Belden and Saltillo will be closing as quickly as October, which will make for a tough autumn for hard-working Mississippians.

The disappointing truth is this: Despite the fact that Governor Bryant has made a point to individually count jobs (one by one) in his State of the State addresses, he won’t be found near this one.

And 1,400 families in North Mississippi won’t be comforted by those counts either. Governor Bryant has chosen to use the working people of this state to make cheap political points — He now must own his failure.