Lighten up; Saban just did what coaches do

Stop it.

Just, stop it.

It’s understood that one of the critical elements of a good football rivalry is dislike that’s a step from straddling the line of hatred, and that having a singular target of that venom is just as good as finding gold. Because sometimes, when the stakes of the game don’t measure up as high nationally as they usually do, or when one team just hasn’t played as well as it wanted to, it’s nice simply to have someone to kick around.
But LSU fans, break from the effigy burning and insult hurling and a good majority of the other stuff that doesn’t fall into the category of clean fun, and admit you like Alabama Coach Nick Saban, who brings the nation’s No. 1 team into Tiger Stadium today to play LSU, a whole lot more than you’re willing to publicly profess.

Admit the football program owes a great debt to the guy most of you would swear slithered into Baton Rouge on his belly this weekend, and that part of the repayment should be to get over the notion that he wronged LSU when he skipped town to become head coach of the Miami Dolphins at the end of the 2004 season.