The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 3/3/8

The lingering impact of the contentious speaker of the House race, which Billy McCoy, D-Rienzi, won by a narrow 62-60 margin, has thus far not been as evident as many believed it would be.

Last week the state House met a key often-difficult-to-meet deadline of considering all legislation that passed out of committee in that chamber. Many, including McCoy, predicted that the House would have to meet late into the evening in the days leading up to the Thursday deadline to complete the work.

The House did not, and in fact finished on mid-afternoon Thursday – comfortably before the midnight deadline.

“I think most everybody has put the speaker’s race behind us and realized that it is time to get down to work,” said Rep. Brian Aldridge, R-Tupelo, who supported losing candidate Jeff Smith, D-Columbus, for speaker.