1st District’s voters can’t be pigeonholed

Jun 06, 2010 (Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) —
In a year in which the national political mood seems bad for incumbents of any stripe, Republican primary voters in the 1st Congressional District opted last week for political experience over two self-proclaimed anti-establishment candidates trying to catch the prevailing winds.

Alan Nunnelee’s no-runoff win over Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan would have been expected a few months ago when the campaign was just shaping up. Nunnelee was, after all, the candidate with the most political experience, the backing of key state and national party leaders, and by far the most money in the GOP race.

But strange things have been happening since then, including the toppling of seemingly secure incumbents or party establishment candidates in several states, and who was to say what the mood might be in North Mississippi?

Turns out it wasn’t quite what we’ve seen elsewhere.

The electorate wasn’t particularly motivated, first of all. Turnout was low.